We are now entering our 4th Decade of Dental Service!

From the moment you enter one of our beautiful state-of-the-art locations, you’ll see we’ve set out to transform your entire view of what it means to visit the dentist.

See which dentist office is best for you? We’re located throughout southern and Central New Jersey!

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Family, Cosmetic, and Emergency Dentistry Services for the South Jersey Area

Who would not want healthy, confident, and white smiles? A smile is all it takes to brighten up the mood, and it allows individuals to get along easily with others. As desirable as a perfect smile is, it can be difficult to maintain one, let alone have one. Dental care is a must if you want to have worry-free and aesthetically-pleasing teeth.

If you have any trouble maintaining your teeth or getting a more appealing smile, then let Dental Care of South Jersey take care of you.

We provide family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency care services to much of Central and Southern NJ, ensuring that your teeth look as good as they are healthy. Residents of Berlin, Brigantine, Hammonton, Hopewell Crossing, Lawrenceville, Millville, Monroe, Stratford, Vineland, and other nearby communities who need a dentist can visit any of our offices located throughout the region.

Our Mission is Quality Care

We strive to offer the highest level of service for each and every patient we treat. Whether you need family dental services in Millville, NJ for your child’s teeth, or a capable cosmetic dentist in Princeton to whiten your smile, we will ensure that you and your family receive the best possible care.

To achieve this, we employ the latest in dental technology and only allow the most experienced and capable dentists and dental assistants to serve you.

We Put Your Comfort in Mind

Do you feel uneasy about seeing our dentist for treatments? Do not fear; Dental Care of South Jersey will ensure that your treatment will be as comfortable as possible. We encourage you to relax, perhaps even watch TV or listen to music, so that you won’t feel anxious during the procedure.

Let some of the most trustworthy dentists in the region treat you properly and safely. Additionally, we offer sedation dentistry services for those who cannot seem to get over their anxieties.

Superb Service at a Great Value

Individuals and families who need dentists that can treat them for a good price will be pleased to know that we offer competitive pricing for our services. Our treatments are interest-free, and we accept most of the major dental plans in use today. Moreover, we clearly explain each and every treatment we provide our patients with, and we detail costs of procedures up front.

Dental Care of South Jersey now offers Cosmetic Dentistry, Emergency Care, Family Dentistry, and Sleep Dentistry products to patients in Central and Southern New Jersey.

If you have any questions about our treatments, you may visit our contact us page or call the office specific phone number you are looking to visit.