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What is Emergency Dental Care?

Urgent dental care is one of the main reasons that someone looks online for a dental facility that is located near to their home. Waking up in the morning to a swollen jaw caused by inflammation in the gum tissue is frightening for anyone, and more importantly, this situation requires immediate attention from an experienced dentist. For anyone who has neglected their oral health, the possibility of a large cavity or infected tooth root is a real possibility, but a dental emergency can also occur to someone who has taken excellent care of their teeth.

Seek Help Immediately

Whatever the cause, an individual in discomfort requires compassionate care instead of a lecture about neglecting to brush and floss each day. A patient visiting a dentist needs to have a physical examination and medical images such as X-rays as fast as possible. If a patient has scheduled routine visits with a dentist, then it is possible to view the X-rays stored in a filing system to compare with the current medical images. Dentists can also cooperate by sending a patient’s X-rays with an email on the Internet, and this is valuable when a patient is injured or has inflammation while away from home.

Protect a Dislocated Tooth

When gum tissue is bleeding, swollen or painful, do not delay contacting an emergency dentist because most offices will find a way to treat a patient the same day to avoid tooth loss or additional infection. For trauma to a tooth, including a crack or dislocation, immediate treatment is necessary before the nerves are contaminated with bacteria. If a tooth is dislodged, then the best place for it to remain safe is inside the mouth. An adult can insert the tooth into its socket and must avoid swallowing it. If this is too difficult for some reason, then place the dislocated tooth in a lukewarm cup of water.

How Repairs are completed

Never place a dislocated tooth into a child’s mouth to prevent additional damage, and do not wash away debris from any dislocated tooth. For a chipped tooth, wrap the piece of tooth in a damp cloth and do not touch the broken tooth because it adds bacteria to the wound. An emergency dentist should treat a dislocated or chipped tooth within one hour in order to have the best outcome. A cracked tooth or tooth chip is repairable with color-matching materials, and a dislocated tooth is held in the mouth with wires attached to the other teeth.

Request Treatment from a Dentist

Urgent dental care is required for issues such as a filling dislodging from a tooth or when a restoration such as a dental crown breaks. When fillings or restorations are damaged, then a tooth’s interior pulp is exposed, leading to pain that progressively becomes worse. Visiting an emergency dentist the same day for treatment or repair of a tooth or restoration can prevent additional inflammation that leads to serious issues such as an infection in the jawbone or pain in the ears. Treatment for injury and inflammation can include a fast procedure to replace a filling or a root canal surgery, and the best way to avoid more problems with damaged teeth or gum tissue is by contacting a nearby neighborhood emergency dentist.

Contact Dental Care of South Jersey

Dental Care of South Jersey wants to make it easier for patients to find a dentist quickly to provide relief from a


or repair a damaged tooth. The best way to get immediate assistance for an injured tooth or inflamed gum tissue is by calling the dental facility that is nearest to your home. Patients can call one of these telephone numbers in New Jersey:

• Millville – 856-825-0077
• Hopewell Crossing – 609-474-8080
• Stratford – 856-783-6100
• Brigantine – 609-266-6658
• Monroe – 609-655-9000
• Berlin – 856-768-5151
• Hammonton – 609-567-4888
• Vineland – 856-691-2553

Affordable emergency dental care is available in Atlantic, Cumberland and Camden Counties in New Jersey. Professional office staff can assist with completing insurance dental plan forms or applications for financing. During a procedure, a dentist can provide sedation dentistry along with relaxing music or television programs.


We have been treating dental emergencies, just like yours, for over 40 years in Camden, Cumberland, and Atlantic Counties. We know what you are going through and how to best help you. We will not lecture you on what you have done in the past. Together, we will resolve your dental emergency.

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