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Your teeth are very strong thanks to the layer of densely packed microscopic crystals that is the tooth enamel. We encourage you to keep your tooth enamel in good shape by avoiding habits such as grinding your teeth and chewing on pencils. If a tooth becomes chipped, it may require a method of restorative dentistry such as a dental crown to prevent tooth decay in the tooth.

It’s important to treatment even for a minor tooth chip so that food particles and plaque don’t become stuck in the tooth and cause a cavity. Our team at Dental Care may be able to repair the damage with a dental filling unless the injury is significant enough to require a dental crown. Quality dental materials such as porcelain, base metal alloys or gold can provide a long-lasting restoration that is shaped like your original tooth, though with a hollow inside so that it can cap the tooth.

First, our team will remove the layer of tooth enamel so that the tooth can be turned into an abutment to support the crown. A dental lab will receive a detailed impression of the tooth and surrounding bite pattern to use as a guide when custom crafting the restoration. At your second visit, we compare the crown to your smile to ensure it’s a good fit and then cement it in place.

If you are interested in receiving a custom-made dental crown in Vineland, New Jersey, contact our dental office at 856-691-2553 today to schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Frank Pettisani.