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If you have lost multiple teeth to untreated cavities or chronic gum disease then you are likely frustrated by your impaired ability to chew food. Rather than learning to live with limited food choices, you should consider scheduling a dentures consultation with the dental specialists at Dental Care.

In many cases like this Dr. Frank Pettisani and his associates might recommend extracting your remaining teeth to start the process of fitting you for a complete denture.

After the extractions, Dr. Frank Pettisani will make an impression of your underlying gum structure. This will be sent to a professional dental lab where your custom dentures will be created. Dr. Frank Pettisani will likely provide you with a prescription for pain medication to help you remain comfortable while your gums heal.

Even after your dentures are ready, you want to try sticking to a diet of softer foods for a few weeks. This can help your gums and other oral structures to adapt to the feeling of your dentures while your gums fully heal.

Your complete denture will be designed to match the basic shape of your gum structure. However, you might also want to try using denture adhesive for an extra firm hold. It also has the added benefit of helping to block out stray food particles that can irritate the gums.

If you live in the Vineland, New Jersey, area and you’ve lost multiple teeth to untreated gum disease, you should call 856-691-2553 to schedule a dentures consultation at Dental Care.