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When a significant number of teeth are lost to periodontal disease and untreated cavities, the impact to your basic oral function can be severe. Sometimes standard dental restorations can prove to be prohibitive or overly invasive. In a situation like this, Dr. Frank Pettisani might recommend extracting your remaining teeth to prepare you for a complete set of dentures.

While your gums are healing, you will need to take certain measures to speed the recovery process. Dr. Frank Pettisani might prescribe painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication to maintain your comfort while your gums are healing.

Staying hydrated is important for the recovery process. It’s best to avoid drinking through a straw as the suction could potentially open one of the incisions. You shouldn’t be alarmed if the gums bleed a little the first few days after the extraction. When this happens, you can bite down lightly on some sterile gauze. Once the bleeding has stopped, you can then rinse your mouth clean with lukewarm saltwater.

If you use tobacco, this could be a good opportunity to consider a cessation program. The heat, tar, and other chemicals introduced to your mouth can easily irritate gum tissues, increasing recovery time and leading to a possible infection.

Even after you have your new dentures, you might want to stick to a diet of softer foods. This will help your gums through transition and ease the load on your jaw muscles.

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