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Brushing our teeth twice every day can help you keep your teeth nice and pristine. As we take care to brush properly, we can reduce our risk of developing cavities and other problems. Even so, it can also help to keep an eye on your toothbrush so you can continue get these benefits.

Making sure the toothbrush can dry out can help you prevent issues. Water can allow bacteria to grow more sporadically. Without water to work with, they cannot do much, so you can curb their enthusiasm this way. Drying the brush is not complex, as you can just place it somewhere it can air out. Keeping it in containers or areas that are closed off may prevent it from drying, so you may want to be careful about that.

Replacing your toothbrush every three or four months can also be helpful. If you are using your brush regularly, its bristles may get frayed from the constant use. If so, we applaud you for being diligent with your brushing; however, frayed bristles may not be as effective at removing plaque as they once were. To help keep your teeth cleaner, it may help to get a new brush around that time. The bristles can be an important indicator in this case. If they get frayed before the third month, then it may time to retire the brush.

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