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With all the other health risks and hazards that can often present themselves during the holiday season, it is important to remember the oral health care treatments to keep your smile safe. To help protect your smile, avoid numerous risk factors that can easily damage your teeth and gums including those risks that can lead to periodontal disease, also known as gum disease.

If you are suffering from gum disease or are at an increased risk for gum disease, it is important to change your lifestyle as soon as possible. This includes updating and enhancing your cleaning methods as well as lifestyle habits. Focus on improving your diet and avoiding bad habit such a smoking, chewing tobacco, or drug use, all of which have been linked to gum disease.

Additional risk factors for gum disease include various predispositions that are out of your control, such as hormonal changes, pregnancy, and genetic predispositions. In addition, diabetes also increases your risk for numerous infectious diseases including gum disease. If you suffer from any of these risk factors or if you find yourself especially vulnerable to dental damage, visit your dentist for routine checkups.

No matter which form of dental cleaning you desire, Dr. Frank Pettisani and our team at Dental Care will take great care of your smile. To book an oral exam, routine checkup, or professional cleaning at our dentist office in Vineland, New Jersey, please contact us at 856-691-2553. We look forward to seeing you soon!