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Are you aware of the risk factors for teething and what treatments can be given to help alleviate symptoms of the condition? Teething is a condition in which discomfort or pain is felt when teeth erupt above the gumline within your child’s mouth. Typically, teething begins around the age of six months. For treatments for teething, be aware of which products and techniques are appropriate for which age.

Typically, visual clues that your child is teething include new teeth that appear. However, if your child displays any symptoms of irritability or fussiness or they tend to drool excessively or have difficulty sleeping, it could also be another indication of the condition. Furthermore, if your child is experiencing any symptoms of rashes, or a fever, bring them into our pediatric dentist.

In order for your child receive the necessary care that is required to keep their smile safe, use appropriate teething tools whenever possible. All teething toys should be cool and soft to ensure that further damage does not occur to your child’s gums. By placing tools such as gauze pads, spoons or teething rings on your child’s gums, it can help alleviate discomfort associated with teething. For additional care including the use of teething tablets or pain relievers, express permission must be granted by our pediatric dentist.

Teething treatments may be the pediatric dentistry service your child needs. For an oral health checkup at Dental Care at our office in Vineland, New Jersey, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Frank Pettisani and our team by calling our office at 856-691-2553.