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A successful outcome in a dental emergency often depends what you do when the incident occurs. It’s a good idea to plan ahead for an oral emergency.

– If you have an accidental bite in your mouth or on your lips, check for bleeding. Most injuries involving self-bites do not draw blood, but the ones that do need attention. Use gauze pads to delicately cover the wound until bleeding completely stops. Seek medical help if you need stitches or additional treatment.

– Items wedged between teeth should be treated carefully and without the use of sharp tools. If possible, try not use anything that could damage your teeth and gums, and instead opt for an interdental cleaner to remove the item.

– When teeth are damaged or cracked, they must be treated quickly to ensure they do not become infected. If a tooth is chipped or cracked, clear away any debris from the wound and apply a gauze pad until bleeding stops.

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