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Are you a new parent? If so, that’s spectacular! There are some things you should learn about if you want to keep your baby’s teeth growing correctly. In this blog, we summarize a few of the things you can do to defend your little one’s oral health with a few tiny steps. If you have any cause for concern regarding your child’s teeth, please feel free to call us to arrange a visit by calling 856-691-2553.

Infants cry: it’s part of life. However, if you tend to comfort your baby with a pacifier, don’t put it in your mouth ever. Additionally, don’t share a feeding spoon with a child either. The bacterial acids that can be shared via spit could be too advanced for your baby’s teeth to fight off, and any transmission of saliva may result in tooth breakdown for your baby.

When your baby is done with feeding, ensure you wipe down their gums with a washcloth, wet medical pad or an oral wipe for infants. Just like your teeth, your child’s baby teeth will be at risk from lingering food debris and the bacteria associated with them.

Finally, don’t forget to brush your child’s teeth with a child’s toothbrush. If you would like to use fluoridated toothpaste on your child’s toothbrush before they are two years old, please talk with us about it to see if this would be okay.

Please ring 856-691-2553 to get ahold of the Dental Care practice in Vineland, New Jersey, and pencil in an appointment with Dr. Frank Pettisani.