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You may know endodontic treatment by its more common name of root canal treatment, which is a restorative dental procedure that removes infection from the tooth root. Common symptoms of dental infection include a lost dental filling, extensive tooth decay and deep dental or gum pain. When dental pain goes untreated, it can result in deeper pain, a discolored tooth and even tooth loss. We invite you to learn more about the nature and process of root canal treatment and how it can benefit an infected tooth.

It often requires two visits to our dentists to complete a root canal procedure, and at the first visit we can take dental X-rays to understand the extent and severity of the infection. The next step is to remove the layer of tooth enamel to reach the tooth infection and complete the endodontic treatment. Following the removal of the infected areas, we use a material called gutta-percha to restore the lost structure of the tooth.

The remaining tooth is shaped into an abutment in order to accommodate a permanent dental crown. We can ensure your new dental restoration is custom made by submitting an impression of your smile to a dental laboratory before we place a temporary crown to protect the tooth.

When the new crown is ready, our dentists can secure it in its by using a potent dental cement. Your tooth and crown will need daily oral care to enhance the function of your smile and help the restoration last for many years.

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